Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes

Free, fun and fantastic multiplayer FPS


  • Highly polished in all respects
  • Fun
  • Free


  • Currently you can't create your own party games

Very good

Battlefield Heroes is a free online multiplayer 3D shooter. Unlike many it has a third person view, is bloodless and cartoony in style. It features a variety of game modes, weapons and vehicles.

To play, you have to sign up for a free EA account, which then allows you to install a browser plug-in and install the game. You always start from your browser in the Battlefield Heroes homepage, from where the game is launched. The only irritating thing about it is that you can't play it in windowed mode, which is unusual for an online game.

Choose and customize your player, from a variety of body types and categories, like soldier and gunner. Each Battlefield Heroes player type has different abilities, so your choice depends on how you like to play the game. While it's free, you can pay for credits that give you more weaponry or clothes.

Battlefield Heroes is easy to play, and like a role playing game you gain experience as you play. This means when you start a game you'll be sent to a game where the other players are of a similar level to you. There are different game modes and play areas, although they all look pretty similar. The graphical style is good, and the sound is great too. Battlefield Heroes is not a subtle game, but based on fast paced action, dying and respawning.

Bright and bold, Battlefield Heroes is a great piece of multiplayer action that is highly recommended.

Battlefield Heroes


Battlefield Heroes

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    gonna be shutdown ,this si my Fav 4th mmo game They Ruined CWA(clone wars adventures) They ruined TFU...   More

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    Very Fun.
    Great game especially if you pay about $20 (and that's how much you would pay to buy a game like this)...   More

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    My Review of Battlefield Heroes.
    Battlefield heroes is an awesome game..   More